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What is a typical day working with Animals at Home?


‘A Day in the Life of a Rural Franchisee’


Up bright and early; first job is to let out our three dogs and guest dog (one of our regulars – a whippet). Let our chickens out. After breakfast, off to visit three horses, they’re seen once a week and occasional weekends to turn out into their paddock. A ‘hands on’ check, muck out the stables ​and tidy rugs, set feed for the evening and lock up.

Cat feed and cuddles near the horses. Answer the mobile and book a new client home visit. Quick email check on the phone and then straight off to a local hamlet to see two dogs that have their owner at home but currently unable to exercise them. We all jump in the van and head off on a hack across the hills. Once loaded they have a quick drink and cool down before the short drive back. A quick chat with the owner and then head off towards an elderly client to take her dog and her to the vets (stopping on the way to tidy and spray clean the ambulance’s dog accommodation from the previous dog walk).

Once the large, old dog is loaded safely (with the help of a sling), we travel the short distance to the vets. I accompany owner and dog into the consultation to act as a second set of hands for the vet and a second set of ears for the client. After the check up, we load up again, chat about the dog on the short drive back, unload and say our goodbyes till the next check up date.

Back to my home village for a late morning walk with daily regulars (shift working owners), then nip back for my and guest dogs walk (Luckily I can check our sheep at the same time while the dogs have a wander).

Moving on to the lunch time dog walks, mid-period when the owners are at work. Two local dogs are happy to walk together (they enjoy the doggy company) but the next is a little grumpy so she walks me on her own.

Collect a pair of small dogs from a client and transport them to one of my Hosts for holiday care. I can feed a cat on the way home for a late lunch, telephone and email replies and a catch up with family once I’ve got my son off the school bus.

Do some office work and then cut the grass. Have some dinner, have a sit down, read a bedtime story to my boy, watch some tv and then later nip out to some local chickens and geese to put them to bed.

Last check of our sheep and put our chickens to bed. Let the dogs out, quick check of the diary and plan tomorrow’s routine …………

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