Going Live with Animals at Home Ltd

Once you have agreed your start date and your Animal Ambulance has been organised, Animals at Home start to engage the website team, training venues and on area trainer to work through the well designed and executed process, of bringing you on board as a Director of your own business within the Animals at Home Ltd Franchisee family.

Animals at Home guide you….through the setting up of your accounts for Google and Facebook pages as well as building your website a month before you go live to maximise the Google organic listings for your business. This along with email and all other technical requirements are set up for you or where necessary we offer guidance and support to assist you in this process via our Webmasters Team.

Your first few days….with Animals at Home will be at your ‘Vet Training’ which will cover basic animal handling and first aid as well as many other topics. This will become second nature to you during your daily routine and will be pivotal to your visits to your local vets in the future, offering a second pair of hands for the vet and a second pair of ears for the client. You will also take delivery of your Animal Ambulance during this training as you will require the vehicle for the ‘On Area’ training.

The launch of your Animals at Home company….is completed via your local media and Google Adwords’ campaigns to maximise local awareness. Often at this point many Franchisees have already contacted local vets, grooming parlours and other key lead generation sources, although this will be done with you during the ‘On Area’ training.

‘On Area’…..training begins after your vet training, usually the week after to allow you to settle into the role gradually. You will already have received a list from the trainer of some ‘To Do’s’ to be completed prior to the time you will be spending together, this ensures you maximise the time effectively.

Our training is designed and delivered…..by an existing Franchisee who has a great background in training and planning. As an existing Franchisee they understand the concerns and questions that can be raised by a new Franchisee which quickly helps to build knowledge and confidence in the services to be supplied. The new starters will be provided with a one to six week action plan, with regular contact to offer advice and top tips. This mentoring will be provided by the trainer for the first six months, with other Franchisees and information available on our Owners Forum.

During and following this process you have the whole of the Management Team available to answer any questions and provide assistance where required, from the person who despatched the Prospectus Pack to the Directors of the business.

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